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Suze Orman Promotes Libraries

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Popular CNBC financial talk show host Suze Orman kicked off her program this week, which centered on eco-saving, with a good word for public libraries.

After briefly introducing the idea of green saving, or ways to save money that are also good for the environment, Ms. Orman continued, “So let’s start, right now, by talking about ways for you to save money by reusing things, recycling them and I’m going to start with my books.  Yeah, my books, or all books.  Now, while it is true that many authors would love to say to you, ‘Buy this book!  Buy this book!’ if you really care about trees, if you care about everything that’s going on, and you care about saving money, why can’t you just go to the library and take the books out?  All my books are there; everybody’s books are there so you can do that.  Save money, save paper—I think it’s a great way to go.”  [Italics added.]

Ms. Orman then went on to talk about holding on to electronic equipment longer rather than dumping it the minute something new comes out, or letting others use your older electronics if you do decide to buy the next new gadget.  As she spoke about about electronics, a list of bullet points was posted on the screen, and her library tip was point Number One:

Get books from the library
Saves trees, paper & money

I’ve  always contended that libraries promote environmentally and socially sustainable reading habits.  Rather than buying a stack of pretty books at a retailer and allowing to them to collect dust on your book shelf to impress your friends and family after you’ve read them, you can cut back on some of this consumption by taking advantage of the library.  Mind you, I’m as as guilty of impulse book buying and bibliohoarding as the next person.  This is not a call for everyone to stop buying books for their personal libraries, rather a suggestion that it is possible to curtail spending and tree chopping this way. How much anyone scales back their book buying budget through library use is up to them, of course.

This is yet another answer to the core question posed by this blog. Why are there libraries?  Why do we as communities set some of our pooled resources aside to create collections of books and media and put them at all citizens’ disposal?  Because it makes good economic sense to do so, of course! Just ask Suze.


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April 27, 2009 at 1:53 am

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